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Tree Trunk Beach Bones Honeymoon Island BW Honeymoon Island, Florida, USA is a barrier island state park with four miles of white sandy shoreline. The island sands shift exposing weathered and dried mangrove stumps anchored into the beach.

Crashing Waves And Foam Wellfleet The cold, winter Atlantic Ocean pushes waves large and pounding onto the Cape Cod, USA shoreline. Wellfleet is a small town beyond the bend, heading towards the tip on Cape Cod. Nearly seventy percent of the land is under protection, with about half being part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The area extends the width of the Cape, bordered by Cape Cod Bay to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Slash Pine Tree BW (Pinus elliottii) grows up to 80 feet tall in moist to dry soils. It is a conifer tree; squirrels eat the cone seeds. The open canopy and high up limbs attract large birds and allows light to penetrate to ground vegetation. The tree grows in the southeastern USA in a narrow climate range of warm, humid wet summers and drier winter and spring conditions.

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Half Dozen White Eggs White eggs come from chickens that genetically lay white eggs and are themselves whiter with light colored earlobes. Browner chickens with dark colored earlobes lay brown eggs.

Niagara Falls Rock Base BW Niagara Falls, New York, USA in monochrome.

Three Daffodils Still Life Black And White The daffodil is a predominantly springtime flower symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. Here they are placed on a glass starfish. They have six white petal-like tepals with a yellow corolla center. They are a narcissus perennial in the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae. They are also referred to as jonquils and Lent lily.

Dreamy White Pearls White pearls symbolize purity, beauty, honesty, and new beginnings. Besides their beauty, pearls hold various spiritual and healing power meanings depending on the culture.

Homasassa River Palm Tree BW Homosassa River, Florida, USA is just under eight miles long from the headwaters of Homosassa Springs to the Gulf Of Mexico. It is an estuary, a freshwater and saltwater diverse ecosystem home to an array of wildlife including tropical birds, manatees, dolphins and alligators.

Sand Dollar Shoreline Black And White Common sand dollars (Echinarachnius parma) are species of flat, burrowing sea urchins. When the marine animal is alive, its pigment can vary from a rich reddish-brown to a vibrant shade of purple. The skeleton is called a "test" and turns white after being bleached by the sun. The sand dollar here was photographed along Florida's gulf coast.

Carnival Ferris Wheel USA Black White The Ferris Wheel, or Chicago Wheel, was designed and constructed by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. for the Chicago World's Fair (The World's Columbian Exposition), opened in 1893. Others constructed a wheel for the New York State fair in 1854. Various forms of the wheel have been in existence as early as the 17th century.

Crystal Decanter Stopper A crystal decanter reflects on a shiny surface in a black and white macro photograph.

Black And White Houndstooth Fedora Fedora hats are a classic fashion statement with a distinctive pattern.

Beach Chair In Water Woodneck Beach Tides fill the marsh side of Falmouth's Woodneck Beach on Cape Cod, USA.

Cherub Angel Night Sky A garden cherub becomes an angel in the black and white night sky.

Pearls Double Strand Necklace Black Background A white pearl necklace reflects against a black background in this elegant macro photograph.

White Peacock Black Background Peacocks originated in India. White peacocks are domesticated peafowls that have recessive genes producing non-pigmented white feathers.

Silver Wristwatch Reflection A watch is art marking time in history.

Firetruck Retirement After years of service in New England, USA, this truck is solemnly retired.

Boat Ride To Martha's Vineyard Travel from Cape Cod to Martha's Vineyard, USA can be enjoyed in the summer on the open deck of a ferry.

Horse Grazing Close-up

Horse Grazing Close-up A horse and rider stop in a Cape Cod meadow for a grass feed break.

Haunted House A spooky tale told in a image with widow's peak, a man returning and a gravestone in black and white.

P18 52RA Metal Ship Deck Chairs b&w

Metal Ship Deck Chairs Metal deck chairs sit empty without ferry passengers, on a drizzly cross channel day between Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA.

Seagulls Aquinnah Rock Many boulders lay at the base Aquinnah's clay cliffs on the island of Martha's Vineyard, USA.

Dual Bikers Along Pacifica, California's shoreline is a well-used nature trail.

Skyway Bridge Tampa Bay Opened in 1987, the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge, referred to as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge or the Skyway, is the second bridge with the name. The first was reduced to a pier after tragedies. It spans the Lower Tampa Bay, Florida connecting St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia.

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