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Iced In At Quissett Harbor Quissett Harbor in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA is prone to freezing in the winter. The sheltered harbor is approached from the west via Buzzards Bay. The red trimmed houseboat is the Sun Seeker.

Pole Fishing Crabs Pacifica Pier fishing for crabs in Pacifica, California provides a source of food for local fishing hobbyists.

Cape Cod Sunset Fishing Low Tide Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA is often a fog and mist covered island connected to the mainland by two bridges. Fishing and beach activities are a way of life for many locals. A lone fishing pole is propped up in the sand to the far left in the image from where four people are congregating.

Street Runner Marathon Street marathons are synonymous with Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA which is a world-renowned racing destination. Elite and casual racers participate in these events.

Cruise Bike Saint Petersburg Pier Florida, USA has a great climate for bicycle riding. The bike here is at the pier in Saint Petersburg.

Backflip Cape Cod Saltmarsh Boardwalk

Cape Cod, USA is full of gorgeous beaches and coastline. Summer is playtime for any age and the Sandwich Boardwalk is a destination adventure.

Day Fishing From Shore On Cape Cod

Cape Cod, USA is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean making for great fishing opportunities.

Painted Toenails At Lake Beach

A New Hampshire, USA lakeside is a perfect spot for a refreshing summer swim.

Provincetown Fishing Boat And Lobster Traps

Fishing boats dock and lobster traps await use at the Provincetown Harbor on Cape Cod, USA.

Bikes On South Beach Martha's Vineyard

Bike riding on Martha's Vineyard rewards any season with spectacular scenic points of interest. These bikes have stopped on South Beach.

Kiteboarder Splash

South Beach on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts is an ideal location for extreme water sports. Wind and currents frequently whip up the surface conditions.

Kiteboarder And Sail

South Beach on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts is an ideal location for extreme water sports. Wind and currents frequently whip up the surface conditions.

Boating Off Martha's Vineyard Island

Edgartown Channel on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts separates the Edgartown Lighthouse from Chappaquiddick Island.

Stripe Swimming Shorts Diving

Swimming on Cape Cod is the quintessential summer fun activity.

Paddleboards Two Men Sunset Silhouette

Off the Truro coastline on Cape Cod, USA paddleboarders enjoy boarding over the calm ocean water at sunset.

Fishing Pair Beach Silhouette

Fishing on the coastline of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Summer Slumber

Late afternoon on a reclining chair under a red beach umbrella.

Dusk at Cruz Bay St. Johns

Saint Johns, US Virgin Islands. View from dock where ferry from Saint Thomas provides transportation.

Fishing Solo

Off the shore between Martha's Vineyard Island and Cape Cod, a lone fisherman is at work on his boat.

Not A Keeper

Fishing for dinner in the Gulf of Mexico. Display only. NFS

Woods Hole Sailing

Great Harbor, Woods Hole. A view from the ferry to Martha's Vineyard on way to infamous "Chilli Fest" at Portuguese American club.

Shadow Surfer

The water is cold in San Francisco yet worth surfing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. PhotoNFS

Lifeguard Warming

A Cape Cod lifeguard is keeping warm at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth.

Yellow Beauty

A summer sunflower bouquet on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Chicken Catcher

First time ever catching a chicken for this young boy. Display only. NFS

Coffee Clutch

Boston, Massachusetts at the MFA. Photo taken from the second floor balcony overlooking the cafe.

Cafe Lunch Server Station

Boston, Massachusetts.

Tableside Lunch Service Pizza

Boston, Massachusetts.

New Sister

Brother loves baby sister. Display only. NFS

Pumpkin Carver Day

Halloween pumpkin carving is taken to the extreme with a giant yellow-orange cultivar.

Harvest Festival

Pumpkin picking in New England. Display only. NFS

Girl With Pumpkins

Pumpkin picking in New England. Display only. NFS

Beach Wedding Kiss

Wedding on Cape Cod in early autumn. Display only. NFS

Tree Work

Cape Cod, professional horticulturalist at work.

Salida Sidewalk

Salida, Colorado originally a railroad town founded in 1880 and now a significant tourism community. Set along the Arkansas River it occupies just over two square miles.

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