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Abandoned River Mill In Maine, USA the New England autumn colors are reflected in the old mill's broken windows.

Pacifica Cliff Apartments Demise Due to rugged Pacific coast weather, the apartments on the cliffs of the coastal town of Pacifica, succumbed to the elements. They were abandoned and have been completely removed from the cliff before falling to the beach below. Pacifica is just south of San Francisco, California.

Cottage Decay Forgotten and rotting away in New Hampshire, USA, a former cozy cottage in the woods.

Abandoned Shingle Beach House Ballston Beach Cape Cod National Seashore Massachusetts, USA.

Cinema Ticket Window A theatre venue in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard, is closed in disrepair.

Half Sunken Fishing BoatHomosassa, Florida, USA is geographically a gorgeous place to meander through and a top fishing destination on the shores of the Gulf Of Mexico. It may have been a storm that took this fishing boat out of commission. A Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) is perched on the smaller of the two boats.

Docking Rail Track Decay Along the San Francisco waterfront an old rail line leading to a loading dock, on the bay, is rusted and fallen into disrepair.

Vintage Rusted Truck Frame Sinking A long-forgotten truck is down to its rusted chassis, being swallowed by layers of pine needles and Palmetto fronds, in a Florida woodland.

Blue Beach Chair In Water Rising tides fill the marsh side of Falmouth's Woodneck Beach on Cape Cod, USA.

Aurora Shipwreck Shell Key Aurora sailboat beached in the sand of Shell Key Island, Florida after stormy weather carried it on shore.

Red Boat Abandoned Abandoned red skiff on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

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