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Courage is in the embrace. Look at; touch; step into; smell; taste; listen for :

experience art in some measure each day. ~ RA


Robin Amaral is with Bog Hill Art Studio, the name derived from the studio sitting atop a hill overlooking a cranberry bog. She is a painter, photographer and digital artist, with a BFA Interior Design degree. Photography and painting are lifelong passions, and nature plays an influential role in her artwork. She embraces creativity and the challenge in not settling for a particular theme or style. 

Life is fluid, as is art. Be it traditional or modern, ancient or contemporary, art is everywhere to contemplate, learn from and experiment with. How and why, we interact within the spaces we occupy, are the motivating drives behind lens and paintbrush. The goal is to spark interest, provoke thought about what the captured moment is in her eclectic artwork. Travels have taken her into many sections of the USA; Caribbean Islands; Baja Mexico, and Canada. She has spent time in the mountains, in the desert and at many beaches.


She is a participating exhibitor member of the Falmouth Art Center on Cape Cod and enjoys exhibiting in shows on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She has been a Board of Director Member for the ArtsFalmouth non-profit organization working on Arts Alive and Falmouth JazzFest committees. She also has experience as curator of art exhibitions. 

Gratitude to all who support and appreciate Bog Hill Art. Thank you for visiting this website.