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White Yellow Chrysanthemums With Butterfly Chrysanthemums are a culinary flowering herb going back centuries and used medicinally to treat an array of health problems. They are flowering plants of the genus Chrysantemum and family Asteraceae. The blooms are made up of many flowers capable of producing seeds with center disk florets (male and female) and outer ray florets (female).

Valentine Chalice A group photo of candy hearts is combined with a digitally created floral chalice.

Red Heels And Wicker Flower Basket A digital composite, with red velvet shoes and flowers, celebrating romance.

Two Feathers Two seabird feathers collected on the shoreline of Wells, Maine are used to create a digital art piece.

Candy Dish Art Candy and a ceramic dish are transformed into a digital art piece.

Buzzards Bay Chop Sunset Composite photography combines parts of various images to form an imaginative new image. In this image elements from Cape Cod, USA photographs are assembled into an imaginative boating scene on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

Beach Grass Waterscape A photo of a piece of Cape Cod, USA beach is transformed into a digital art image.

Mule Deer Stepping Out An original photograph of a Mule Deer taken in the Garden Of The Gods Park in Colorado, USA is transformed into an art image. Mule Deer get their name from the distinctive large ears, similar to a mule's.

Swan Family Reflection Swans are birds of the family Anatidae within the genus Cygnus. Females are Pens, males are Cobs and baby swans are known as cygnets. Adult swans usually pair for life. This swan family was photographed on Cape Cod, USA.

Draft Horse Water Reflection A draft horse is transported into a dreamy, watery landscape via digital photography design.

Boy In Carnival Mask Photomanipulation and layering bring out the eyes of a child having fun with carnival costuming.

Conversation A photo taken of a Fourth of July crowd at the Falmouth Heights Beach on Cape Cod has been digitally crafted into an illustration.

Out At Second A photograph of summer baseball league players in a tag out at second base is transformed into a digital art image, artography.

Plant Abstract Reflection A photograph of a collection of sedum plants is transformed into a shoreline art image.

Chicken Egg Chutes A digital design throwback to vintage egg grading machines.

Valentine Chalice A creative original digital metallic and floral chalice with gold bokeh in background.

Metal Railing Platform Artography, a creative digital adaptation from an original photograph of a pedestrian walkway in Niagara, New York, USA.

Coonamessett Pond Side Hill A creative digital adaptation from an original photograph. On a chilly January late afternoon, sunlight filters through leafless tress creating shadows across a walking path on a sloping hill.

Seagull Feather Starfish Swag A creative digital adaptation from an original photograph along the coast of Maine, USA.

Night Passage A creative digital adaptation from an original photograph. Ferry carrying passengers along coast of Cape Cod.

USA Flag Tiles A creative digital adaptation from an original photograph. Flag over Oak Bluffs Harbor, Massachusetts. Original image transformed into an artograph.

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