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Bearded Dragon Lizard Open Mouth A docile, friendly bearded dragon lizard is eating a live larva, seen at the back of the mouth.

Peto, French Bulldog Puppy

A young Frech Bulldog is enjoying a treat from a fancy bowl.

Hands On Horse Mane

Draft Horse at Rest

An Ossipee, New Hampshire farm horse on an autumn afternoon.

Bridle Up Horse

Horses waiting at a farm corral fence to be saddled for a rider.

Horse At Rest In Corral

Warm sun filtering through the trees, makes it a good time for a horse to relax on the farm.

Pigs At Grain Bowl

Domestic pigs feed at their bowl on a family farm.

Piglet And Apple

Child feeding a piglet on an apple orchard farm in Maine.


Maine farm, apple orchard pig.

Piglets Resting

Baby pigs are relaxing in a grassy pen, on a New England family farm.

Domesticated Farm Turkey

Domesticated turkeys are being farm raised on Cape Cod, USA.

Llama Pair

Llama pair on a New England farm, USA.

Chicken Scratch

Cape Cod, backyard egg laying chickens.


A whimsical composite image staring Lito the cat and Woodneck Beach in Falmouth on Cape Cod, USA.

Belgian Malinois

K9 training dog at rest following demonstration on Cape Cod.

Dog's Beach Ball

Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Malinois playing on Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth.

Vitor vs Snowball

Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A Belgian Malinois in a mid-air snowball bashing.

K9 Training

Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A Belgian Malinois in detection work training.

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